• The History of the Indiana Marshals' Association

    The history of the IMA is really a history of two organizations, the IMA and its predecessor the Indiana Town Marshal Association (ITMA).  About 1986, two marshals, Sam White from the Brookston Marshal’s Office and Rick Earhart from the Dayton Marshal’s Office, came to the Academy to inquire about presenting training for their new organization, the Indiana Town Marshal Association. 

    They had started this Association because many Indiana marshal departments could not afford to provide quality training for their deputies.  This Association grew steadily from its inception.  Then in the 1990s when the continuing education law was passed, the ITMA experienced several years of very rapid growth and even began having annual conferences.

    The ITMA remained a thriving association until the latter half of the last decade when training became readily available because of the 3000 instructors certified by that time through the LETB (the Law Enforcement Training Board).  During those final years, members like Dan Roudebush and Tom McCord of the Clarks Hill Marshal’s Office devoted many hours to keeping the organization vital, but with all of the free training offered statewide, membership dropped.

    In February of 2010, Chris Fine and Mike Lindsay, both early members of the ITMA, met with several deputies at the L&G Truck Stop in Westville, to discuss resurrecting a marshals’ association.  It was decided that a totally new association should be created with a multi-mission agenda rather than attempting to resurrect the ITMA or creating another training-only organization.

    Later that year, the Indiana Marshals’ Association was born.  In addition to the customary line officer training, this new Association would focus on professional development, career tracks, supervisory training, representing marshals and providing a limited number of benefits.  The dissolution of the ITMA and the creation of the IMA was a seamless evolution thanks to the cooperation of Dan Roudebush of the ITMA.

    The IMA now offers advanced marshal certifications as well as deputy and reserve officer certifications.  It has an Officer of the Year award, an accidental death benefits, and a pre-paid legal service.  The IMA’s Annual Conference has experienced substantial growth over the years and currently draws over 150 participants. 

    With the implementation of three separate tiers of basic training at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and the creation of hospital police departments in 2014, the IMA made a decision that it should recruit officers from all Tier II departments (Indiana gaming agents, Department of Correction police, and hospital police as well as town officers). 

    With the inclusion of these new officers and organizations, the IMA is looking forward to developing professional standards for these new groups as well.  Of immediate interest to the Association is a plan for establishing a “Best Practices” committee as well as a plan for developing specialized training classes in which hospital and DOC police, and gaming agents might have an interest.

    For more about the IMA, feel free to call one of our representatives at:  317-268-1041.


    E-mail: IMA@inmarshal.org