From IMA President Mark Thrasher:

Brother, Sisters and supporters of the Indiana Marshals’ Association,

As we move into a new chapter of the Indiana Marshals’ Association law enforcement across our county is facing a number of unique challenges.  The men and women who serve small town Indiana, Hospital Police, Department of Correction and the Indiana Gaming Commission stand ready to meet the challenge.  Along with concerned citizens that understand these challenges we will continue to make the Hoosier State a great place to live and raise a family

As President of this outstanding organization, I would ask every Hoosier to thank the men and women of ALL branches of law enforcement, regardless of the uniform they wear or the badge they carry.  It is a tough job and more of a calling than an occupation.

The Indiana Marshals’ Association prides itself on providing a wide range of training opportunities to the officers that serve our citizens.  Our only focus is to offer high quality; substantive, realistic training that offers EVERY officer the edge in the fight against the criminal element.  We rely on citizens to provide information that would aide in this fight against those that would do harm to others.  Whether it is drug dealers that are stealing the lives of our youth, or a child predator that preys on the most trusting and vulnerable; EVERY responsible citizen plays a key role in this struggle.

The Executive Committee of the Indiana Marshals’ Association is committed to making wise, sound decision that supports ALL officers.  Our litmus test in every decision we make: Does it  improve the training, enhance the ability for officers to complete the mission and improve the public perception of our members to the public?

Like all Hoosiers, law enforcement officers have the same dreams and goals of every citizen.  To finish the day’s work and go home to those that love and support them.  Please join me in supporting all those dedicated to such a noble profession.

I am deeply honored to be the President of such a fine organization.  If you ever have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I can’t promise to have the answer you need, but, will get you to the person that does.

Stay Safe everyone…. We are in this together!

Mark Thrasher
Indiana Marshals' Association